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In order to achieve goals in life, you usually need three principles. to set a clear goal, persistence and perhaps the most thoughtful, broad knowledge as possible that will help you master that field, understand it and build a strategic and smart plan to achieve the goal.

Economic and financial growth or in simple words ‘more money’ is perhaps the most common goal in the world. There is almost no person in the world who does not want to increase income through ventures, investments and other sources of income. There is a problem, economic growth is a difficult challenge to achieve because the public does not receive financial education and the basic knowledge that will help to manage the economy correctly and increase financial capital. The good news is that you are in the right place, the field of finance, entrepreneurship, investments and economic growth is concentrated on this website in an accessible and free way with clear explanations and videos and the first tip is – don’t do any financial action without doing your homework on the subject.

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Kupat Gemel

A kupat gemel lehashkaah fund is a savings and investment fund that began in 2016 and allows people to save and invest independently in channels

Keren Hishtalmut

Keren Hishtalmut​

Let’s start with the most important statement about a Keren Hishtalmut, in my opinion it’s the best investment channel that exists in the State of


Kupat Gemel

A kupat gemel lehashkaah fund is a savings and investment fund that began in 2016 and allows people to save and invest independently in channels

קרא עוד »

Like the majority of the population in Israel, I grew up in a home with parents who were in minus in the bank and who had enough to live with dignity but no more. As a child I made an important decision to change my life path because I wanted more and I transferred to the Acre Sea Officers Military Boarding School where I finished my studies. Immediately after that, I enlisted in a pilot’s course but ended up as a fighter and commander in the anti-terrorist unit. I was released with minus NIS 2,000 in the bank and a goal to grow financially and reach financial freedom. That’s why I founded my first company dealing with the sale of training and equipment for fighting terrorism in different countries of the world. After that I founded several ventures in the fields of the stock market and gaming and in the last 7 years my main occupation is in the field of real estate as the owner of a company called Playa Investments which deals in land improvement, architectural planning and financial services for other entrepreneurs and investor in the field of real estate and in the field of business entrepreneurship. I see the subject of financial education for the public and economic growth as a mission and a personal goal, therefore I lecture and provide content and knowledge in the field.

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The tools and knowledge required to establish a start-up venture in any business field from the idea stage to the exit dream. Entrepreneurship is the way to both financial freedom and doing what you really love.

Real Estate

Anyone can be an entrepreneur or real estate investor, but this requires practical knowledge of basic concepts, professionals and the process that a project goes through from land to planning, construction and sale. The dream of property ownership is closer than ever, it is only necessary to research and learn the field.


There is almost no person who does not have a pension, insurance, mortgage and loans and other financial products. The lack of knowledge about the various financial issues make the public an easy target for the financial corporations and it is time to change the situation.

Stock Market

The stock market is an investment channel suitable for everyone, but most people avoid it due to lack of understanding and fear. Stock market investments are the best way to ensure strong economic growth.


When you don't know the answer or the way to do something, the next best thing is to find someone else who does. Experience, knowledge and business support in various fields can be an excellent tool for economic growth. Save time and take advantage of it.


Marketing is a rich and complex world of content that contains the secret to economic growth for any business and enterprise and this is true for almost every field. Digital marketing, advertising, distribution and affiliate programs are tools that are worth a lot of money to those who crack them.


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